Go Mystery

The town is your game plate, and you are in full control of the course of the game.

2-5 participants

2-3 km

2-3 hours

What is GoMystery?

A mystery tour is a kind of Escape Room outside, just without a time limit. Or a treasure hunt for adults. You and your friends are send on a self-guided walk through the town, where you must explore parts of the town, which you usually do not see. On the way you solve the riddles in order to be able to solve the big mystery at the end.

Pay on this page and get the box at our collection place, and you are ready! Everything you need is in the box.

GoMystery can be played in Nykøbing F., Maribo and Marielyst.

The curse of the fortune-teller

The fortune-teller Cornelia can look into the past and the future. Therefore she has seen many of the things, which have happened in Nykøbing for hundreds of years. She has also seen a curse, which rests on the town, and she needs your help to raise the curse. You have to use Cornelias diary on your walk through Nykøbing F. and solve the riddles one by one.

Walk through Nykøbing Falster.

Activity on Lolland Falster.

Walk through Maribo.

Activity on Lolland.

The mystery of the big fire

The watchman asks you to help him with solving, what happened that night, where the big fire devastated Maribo. The mystery has tormented him since then. He has hidden some evidence, which he thinks will help you with the solution. Take the evidence with you through Maribo, in order to see, if you and your family will be the ones to solve the mystery about the big fire.

“The Mystery about the big fire” is the title of the Go Mystery tour in Maribo.

The ghost in the seaside hotel

The seaside hotel was haunted – but who was the ghost, and what was it doing at the seaside hotel?

You have to follow the hidden clues in Marielyst and solve the riddles, which you find. On the way you get the story about the seaside resort Marielyst and where the name of the seaside resort originates from.

“The ghost in the seaside hotel” is the title of the Go Mystery tour in Marielyst. The tour is suitable for families with children from 10 years.

Walk through Marielyst.

Outside activity on Falster.


An experience with mystery and brain gymnastics and a cozy family tour with exercise at your own pace. Super good experience, it was brilliant.

Ninna Hellmann

Experience a different active town walk, where the brain cells are going to work. Teamwork and funny company. We think it is a super idea, and we are ready for more mysteries.

Annette and René Madsen

Challenging for smart heads and keen brains, which do not give up at once (The Nykøbing-tour is not for children). You are taken back to the past and you learn something about the history of Nykøbing.

Lene Vind