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If you want to go back in time: Go Mystery! Do you want to try something new? Then enjoy the hunt for the history of Nykøbing on the basis of the riddles of the fortune-teller Cornelia. Thank you for a lovely adventure.
Jacob Pfeffer og Pia Arildsen
Challenging for smart heads and keen brains, which do not give up at once (not for children). You are taken back to the past and you learn something about the history of Nykøbing.
Ninna Hellmann
Experience a different active town walk, where the brain cells are going to work. Teamwork and funny company. We think it is a super idea, and we are ready for more mysteries.
Annette og René Madsen
An experience with mystery and brain gymnastics and a cozy family tour with exercise at your own pace. Super good experience, it was brilliant.
Lene Vind