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Adventures on Lolland-Falster

Are you looking for a funny and challenging adventure on the islands Lolland-Falster? You should try Go Mystery – a team game full of riddles, where you explore the town while solving puzzles and mysteries.

On the way through the town you have to solve puzzles while paying attention to the surroundings. You have to think creatively and logically, and furthermore you have to work together. If you stop, you can use clues, which will help you further. It will be funny, mystical and educational!

Perfect for a bachelor dinner, team building and other events

In order to solve the riddles, you have to work together and use your creative and logic sense. Therefore Go Mystery is an evident activity for fun with your friends, birthdays, bachelor dinners, team building or other similar events. Here you can enjoy a couple of hours together outside, solve riddles and learn more about the town.

Every set is suited for groups of 2 to 5 persons, but if you are more, we recommend that you buy several sets and begin with an interval of 10 minutes.

A wonderful holiday activity

Are you on holidays on the Danish islands Lolland-Falster, and are you looking for a funny activity where you can activate the brain cells? Then Go Mystery is something for you. Everything takes place outside in the town, and if it starts to rain, you can just make a break and continue, when you are ready.

Go Mystery is an exciting culture treasure hunt filled with mysterious puzzles, which will send you to the interesting places in the town.

We have three tours: “The curse of the fortune teller” in Nykøbing, “The Mystery about the big fire” in Maribo and “The ghost in the seaside hotel” in Marielyst. 

The tours in Nykøbing and Maribo have a degree of difficulty for adults, while the tour in Marielyst also is suited for families with children down to 10 years.

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An adventure with mystery and brain gymnastics and a cozy family tour with puzzles at your own pace. Super good experience, it was brilliant.

Ninna hellmann

Experience a different active town walk, where the brain cells are going to work. Teamwork and funny company. We think it is a super idea, and we are ready for more mysteries

Annette and rene madsen

If you want to go back in time: Go Mystery! Do you want to try something new? Then enjoy the hunt for the history of Nykøbing on the basis of the riddles of the fortune-teller Cornelia. Thank you for a lovely adventure