Go Mystery in Maribo

The mystery of the big fire

Every evening the watchman went through Maribo. He maintained order and discipline in the evening and in the night in the town, but his most important job was to react, if there was a fire. But one night it went wrong – very wrong – and many of the houses in Maribo burned down.

The watchman now asks you to help him with solving, what happened that night, where the big fire devastated Maribo. The mystery has tormented him since then. He has hidden some evidence, which he thinks will help you with the solution. Take the evidence with you through Maribo, in order to see, if you and your family will be the ones to solve the mystery about the big fire.

Scavenger Hunt in Maribo on Lolland

”The mystery of the big fire” is the title of the Go Mystery tour in Maribo. 

GoMystery is a kind of Escape Room outside, just without a time limit. Or a treasure hunt for adults. You and your friends are send on a self-guided walk through the town, where you explore the history of the cathedral city. On the way you solve the riddles in order to be able to solve the big mystery at the end.

When you have paid online, you will receive a receipt, which you bring to the collection point: Vinhuset, Torvet 4, DK-4930 Maribo.

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I want to recommend it to other people. There were a lot of small clever and subtle information.
Marianne pedersen
Nice and thorough material. Also suited for teambuilding.
Jens aagren nielsen
Super funny walk in the town with riddles and stories. It is evidently worth of spending an afternoon with this.
søren og betina krøyer