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General information

KonceptLab ApS
CVR no. 37850950
Address: Vestensborg Allé 2B, 4800 Nykøbing Falster
Email address:
Phone number: +45 93882248

The sales and delivery conditions below are valid for buy of articles on for delivery in Denmark, however not on Greenland and the Faroe islands, unless other things have been agreed.


We do not take card fees when you buy at KonceptLab/Go Mystery. Please notice that GoMystery always is going to be paid in advance, and that the amount therefore has to be drawn at once.

We accept the following payment methods:


Dankort / VISA-Dankort





We do not charge a fee for payment with debit cards or MobilePay.

From the 14th of September 2019 it has become an EU-demand that all web shops use 3D-secure on all payments with cards in the EU. This means that there will be a 2 step verification via SMS or NemID, and it will not be possible to make a payment before you have been through this verification.


The shown prices on are included 25% value added tax and in DKK.

We make reservation for printing errors and sold out articles.

Order confirmation:

When you have ordered an article with us, you will receive a receipt as our accept of your order. The invoice is attached in the mail, which you receive, when the order has been send. The enclosed invoice in the parcel must be enclosed, if the article is send back or at reclamation. The order confirmation is not final before we have approved it and you have received an invoice. We take sold out articles or errors on the page into account.


After payment the goods have to be collected in the shop, which is described, and in the order confirmation. Remember to bring your online receipt when getting the game in the shop.

Discount codes

Discount codes

We do in some cases issue discount codes, which either give a percentage or a discount in Danish Kroner (DKK). Discount codes cannot be combined with other offers, and you can only use one discount code per order.

Discount codes are only valid for the period, which is stated on them, and they can only be cashed once per customer.

The right to annulment

As a consumer you have 14 days right to annulment, when you buy at KonceptLab ApS / Go Mystery.

The annulment limit runs out 14 days after the day, where you have received your game.

The limit involves that you have 14 days from the receipt to inform us that you will regret your purchase. You must send a mail to via the standard annulment formula, which you find below in the trade terms.

Is the packing of the article broken the articles are considered being used, and the right to annulment is annulled.

Right to complaint

When you shop at KonceptLab/GoMystery as a consumer, the rules of the Danish law Købeloven for purchase of articles is valid. This means, that you have a right to complain of 24 months.

If your complaint is just, it means, that you either can change the article, can get the money back or get a deduction in the price, depending on the concrete situation.

You have to complain within “reasonable time” after you have discovered the error. If you complain before 2 months after the discovery of the error, the complaint will always be in due time.

If the complaint is just, we will refund your (reasonable) freight costs. The article should always be returned in secure packaging. Do also remember to get a receipt for dispatch, so that we can refund your freight costs.

You can complain through contacting us via mail to or via phone +45 93882248.

A complained article send back to us without you having contact with us will not be approved.

Return of articles

If the send articles should not fulfil your expectations, you can send your order back and you can get the money back.

Remember to attach a copy of the order confirmation or other documentation for your purchase.

Return according to annulment will take place on account of the buyer.

Return articles must be send to:

KonceptLab ApS

Vestensborg Allé 2B, 4800 Nykøbing Falster



When we receive the article, we will check it, and you will get the amount back, which you have paid to us at the purchase.

The amount will always be refunded to the same means of payment, with which you paid the purchase. If you for instance have paid with card, the amount will be transferred to the debit card, which you used at the purchase. The amount has according to the consumer law to be paid back, before 14 days from receipt of the item. However we strive to pay back the money immediately after receipt of the return article/articles.

PLEASE NOTE: You can loose your purchase amount. This happens if the value of the article is reduced, because:

  • You in reality have used the article (When the packing is opened).

Questions about the return:

If you have questions, you can contact our customer service on mail or via phone +45 93882248 (Monday – Friday 8.00-16.00).

Personal data policy

KonceptLab ApS needs the following information, when you shop at us:

Name, address, telephone number and mail address.

We register and pass on the personal information, which is necessary for delivering the article to you.

The personal information is registered with KonceptLab and is stored for five years, where after the information is deleted.

KonceptLab co-operates with some other companies, which store and process data. The companies do only process information on our behalf and they are not allowed to use them for own purposes.

KonceptLab does only co-operate with data-processers in the EU or in countries, which can give your information a sufficient protection.

The data-responsible on is KonceptLab ApS.

is KonceptLab ApS.

You are entitled to get information about the information which KonceptLab processes about you. If you think that the information is incorrect, you are entitled to having them corrected. In some cases we have the duty to delete your personal data, if you ask for it. It may be the case if we do not need it for the purpose considering for which we were going to need it. You can also contact KonceptLab, if you think, that your personal information is processed in defiance of the law. You can write to us on:


You are of course always welcome to contact our customer service, if you have complaints about an article, which you have bought on our homepage. Our customer service can be contacted via telephone +45 93882248 and via mail:

If we do not succeed to find a solution, you can send a complaint to:

Center for Klageløsning

Nævnenes Hus

Toldboden 2

DK-8800 Viborg


If you have address in another EU-country than Denmark, you can complain to the online complaint portal of the EU-Commission here:

What is your information used for

If you want to buy and receive a product from us and be able to administer your rights of return and complain, we need to collect some personal dates to be able to carry through the purchase and offer you our services.

KonceptLab/GoMystery and process your personal dates when you visit our homepage, carry through a purchase of our products, establish a customer account, review our homepage, at contact on our mail, Instagram- or Facebookpages or at reclamation.

The information about your purchase can we also process in order to obey law demands, eventually legal demands, bookkeeping and accounts. When buying on, the IP-address is collected with the purpose of taking care of our interest in preventing fraud.

What personal information is collected by us:

Name, address, telephone number, mail-address, article history.

Your information about the items bought by you is registered with KonceptLab and stored for five years, after this the information is erased, compare Bogføringsloven (The Danish law about Bookkeeping) §10.

Personal information is not sold to third parties, and we do not transmit your personal data to third-party countries.

With whom can we share your information

We can share information about you with our collect shop, which is Marius Mortensens Eftf. when it comes to collecting your article.

It can be partners for delivery of it-services (data-processers), who process information on our behalf. We use extern partners for for instance technical working of systems and improvements of, analysis and segmentation platforms, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager or Google Adwords.

Approved data processors

The following companies process the data for GoMystery. All of them are GDPR approved:

Google, Mailchimp, Facebook, AzeHosting, Instagram, Mobilepay,

How long do we keep your information

You information about the items, which you have bought, is registered at KonceptLab and stored for five years, where after the information is deleted, compare Bogføringsloven (The Danish law about Bookkeeping) §10.

What security measures have we made

We secure your personal information through technical safety measures in order to protect your information against unauthorized access, manipulation, destruction/deleting or loss of information.

What rights do you have

As customer at KonceptLab / Go Mystery you have as registered customer always right to send your complaints against the registration and insight and correction of your information on

You have these rights according to the Danish law Persondataloven.

You can at any time request to get your personal information erased at KonceptLab / Go Mystery.

If you think that KonceptLab / Go Mystery process your personal information illegally, you have the possibility of handing in a complaint to the Danish authority Datatilsynet.

If you do not want us to process your personal information or you want us to limit the processing of your personal information, please send a mail to our customer service:


When you visit and its under pages, we collect information about you, which is used for improving the content and adjust the homepage. Below you can get information about the data being collected by us, how we process this data, and what we use the information for.

What are cookies?

During your first visit to there will appear a box at the bottom of the page with acceptance of our cookie policy and conditions. A cookie is a text file, which is stored in your browser and registers your activities on the internet. Most frequently a cookie is used for registering your behavior based on statistics, which are going to improve the user experience on a homepage.

How do I avoid cookies?

If you do not want to save cookies on your web browser, you can block all cookies, the present on your browser or get a reminder before they are saved.

Here you can get more knowledge about to avoid cookies in general.

When you block or delete cookies, you will experience that the advertisings will be less relevant and will appear more often.

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At KonceptLab / Go Mystery we use statistics for getting demographic and user related knowledge about the persons, who are visiting our homepage. It may be statistics of how long you visit the homepage, what pages you visit, if you have visited us before and which browser you are using. This to improve your experience on our homepage and get more knowledge about your behavior. We pass on information to third parties, if this is necessary in case of demands from authorities.

Necessary cookies

The necessary cookies are at used for making our homepage useful when using basal functions, for instance navigation possibilities and access to secured areas. If we do not use these cookies, the homepage will not function.

Statistic cookies

The statistic cookies are used by to collect and analyse, how you interact with the page. This information is anonymous. We do for instance use Google Analytics to get knowledge of, how you navigate on our homepage. This information is registered by Googles server. We pass on activity measuring information to our partners in anonymous form with the purpose of documenting the activities on

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In order to identify you, when you visit our homepage, we use cookies. This in order to avoid that you have to approve our cookie policy when you visit the homepage.

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