Company activity

Company activity with your colleagues

Go Mystery can also be used as a company activity, team building or for some fun with your colleagues. We will send you on a tour full of challenges, which you have to solve together, and when you work together, you will get acquainted and increase your ability to solve problems in everyday life.

Perfect for bachelor dinners, team building and other events

In order to solve the riddles you have to work together and use your creative and logic sense. Thus Go Mystery is an evident activity during your holidays, before the Christmas lunch, for team building or other similar events. Here you can enjoy a couple of hours together outside, solve riddles and learn more about the town.

Every set is suited for groups of 2 to 5 persons, but if you are more, we recommend that you buy several sets and begin with an interval of 10 minutes.

Funny activity for the next company party or company tour

Are you looking for a funny idea for the next company tour? Is the summer excursion or the Christmas lunch going to have a tremendous start? If so, we recommend the tours in Nykøbing Falster and Maribo. We promise you a couple of exciting and challenging hours together with your colleagues.

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Experience a different active town walk, where the brain cells are going to work. Teamwork and funny company. We think it is a super idea, and we are ready for more mysteries.

Annette og rene madsen

Nice and thorough material. Also suited for teambuilding.

Jens Aagren Nielsen

I want to recommend it to other people. There was a lot of small clever and subtle information.